Saving material with cost efficient design

Warehouse Racking

JD2 has been involved in the metal deck and steel joist industry for several decades, with a large portfolio of successful warehouses.

Traditionally the installation method has been to hoist each joist or deck bundle individually, with attachment occurring at the roof level. Over the years, JD2 has continuously optimized the installation process. Our latest innovation is what we call The Racker System. 

This piece of equipment is the culmination of years of in-house research and design and enables us to construct an entire 30 by 60 foot roof section on the ground.

Joist bridging equipment, support steel, and metal deck are all assembled into the completed panel in The Racker and the entire panel is hoisted in just one lift.

This drastically increases production speed, up to 25,000 square feet per day. 

With the majority of the assembly occurring on the ground, we are able to satisfy aggressive schedules and demands in a safe way that ensures everyone goes home at the end of the day.

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