Our Expertise At Work

JD2's In House Steel Production

We fabricate our own steel, which allows us to react promptly when a steel member is needed on a job. Our shop is capable of creating what we need, from assemblies for a small canopy to the steel packages for million square foot warehouses.


Our CNC Drill & Scribe with 3 spindle heads and 5 turret heads. Capable of scribing plate locations using CNC Data


Our 40" CNC Band Saw, capable of cutting 40" X 397 lb steel beams up to 65' long, with pitch cuts from 45° to 60°, and a small parts and trim cut remover.

V63CNC Plasma Table0

Our CNC Plasma Table has a 10' X 20' table. We can plasma cut 10 gauge to 3.25" steel and oxy cut 10 gauge to 8" steel. It also has a 10 spindle turret that can mill, tap, and countersink holes.