State of the art design for lighter structures


One of our most significant innovations is the development of special truss moment frames or STMF.

JD2 has been involved with STMF since 1996 when it was first being studied at the University of Michigan. We designed and completed construction on the first ever STMF seismic system in 1998, and have continued with hundreds of projects completed since then.

STMF's provide lateral resistance to a structure. This system is similar to a brace frame or moment frame but with better advantages, such as: longer spans between the columns, no brace frames that limit the use of building square footage, and an overall lighter system.

This system is often used in conjunction with open web steel joist and girders, in both warehouse and office buildings. 

This system works really well in office buildings allowing MEP trades to route through the open webs, which results in shorter floor to floor heights. 

Some of the other benefits to STMF are:

  • Reduced structure weight
  • Eliminate Grade beams
  • Smaller foundation sizes 
  • Eliminate CJP welds

All of these benefits cut weeks off the project schedule, which is a win-win for everyone. 

We look forward to offering our expertise in determining if STMF can bring value to your next project.

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