The Venue at Thunder Valley

Project Summary

The Venue at Thunder Valley, a newly opened 4,500 seat concert venue, boasts impressive features such as stadium seating, radius catwalks, large trusses, BRBs, open web joists, and metal decks. JD2 secured the project through competitive bidding and proposed a cost-saving value engineering solution to modify the roof framing, resulting in approximately $500,000 in savings for McCarthy Builders. The highlight of the project was the installation of four massive 240-foot roof trusses, consisting of five separate pieces, and hanging radius catwalks. This single crane pick marked JD2's heaviest lift to date, weighing an impressive 167,324 pounds. The lift and spreader beam were meticulously planned and designed by JD2's Engineering Department, ensuring a safe and successful installation. Overall, the Thunder Valley Event Center project showcases JD2's expertise in engineering and construction, delivering exceptional results and high-quality workmanship.

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