Hines Clawiter Building 1, 2, & 3

Project Summary

The Hines Clawiter Building project was a construction project for three warehouse buildings located in Hayward, California. HITT Contracting was the customer, and the project consisted of Building #1 covering 71,444 square feet, Building #2 spanning 61,720 square feet, and Building #3 covering a massive area of 218,931 square feet.

Originally designed with a joist roof structure, the pandemic's impact on supply chains caused a delay in joist delivery, resulting in an inability to fit the owner's schedule. JD2's team of engineers stepped in and came up with an innovative solution, converting the roof design to a wide flange beam structure. The engineer of record was delighted with the improved design and incorporated JD2's design as their own.

The innovative change allowed JD2 to complete the roof ahead of schedule for all three buildings and save the owner approximately six months on their construction schedule. This project was a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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