Innovation meets experience at JD2 Steel. Our structural steel fabricators serve California and Nevada contractors and developers by combining old-fashioned attention to detail with the latest advancements in steel technology. This results in superior structural steel products with exceptional turnaround.

Sensible Steel Framing Solution


Based on research from a five-year study at the University of Michigan, our Tru-Frame® steel framing system is a cost- and time-saving steel moment frame design that is capable of resisting lateral forces from earthquakes or high winds.

Advantages of Tru-Frame®

Considered one of the greatest developments in the history of steel construction, the Tru-Frame® system is based on research from a five-year study at the University of Michigan. Tru-Frame® affords significant advantages over conventional steel framing systems, making it the smart choice for virtually any commercial building project.


  • Significantly reduces shop drawing time
  • Cuts fabrication time in half
  • Saves between 20 and 46 percent in erection time


  • Structure weight is up to 30 percent less
  • Reduced footings mean cost and time savings
  • Eliminates need for costly ultrasonic testing


  • Connections can be visually inspected any time after completion
  • Eliminates costly full penetration welding
  • System is fully codified for easy jurisdictional approval


Complete Steel Frame Systems

Our engineers and structural steel fabricators employ the most cost effective methods and cutting edge technology to produce complete steel frame construction systems of superior quality while saving our clients time and money.

Steel Joists

Boasting an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, our steel joists are designed and manufactured in accordance with the Steel Joist Institute’s demanding requirements. JD2 has developed a proprietary system that allows our joists to go directly into production, taking weeks off the schedule.

Auto Parkit

Auto ParkIt Automated Parking System

m offers a viable alternative to a traditional parking system, that is cost effective, versatile, safe and secure. The JD2 team is able to design, engineer, fabricate and erect the structural steel portion of the Auto Parkit system.

Metal Decking

We pride ourselves on providing the best, most cost-effective building products that money can buy. Our metal decking is designed to provide optimal lateral stability while being lightweight and easy to install.