Tony Laraby Memorial Fund

Tony Laraby Memorial Fund


The Tony Laraby Memorial Fund was established in memory of Tony Laraby, a JD2 employee for more than 13 years who was tragically killed on April 27, 2006. Tony was only 36 years old and had recently married. He left behind a wife and twin girls. In partnership with his wife, Pamela, JD2 Inc. has established three programs in Tony’s memory.

Tony Laraby Memorial Relief Program

The Relief Program is intended to offer immediate support to families of ironworkers who have been injured. This fund will provide short-term monetary relief for hotel rooms, child care, transportation, or any other support needed by the families of injured ironworkers.

Tony Laraby Memorial Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program will recognize high school graduates who have achieved their goals by persevering through difficult challenges. A stick-to-it attitude was something Tony took great pride in.

Tony Laraby Continuing Education Program

The purpose of the Continuing Education Program is to provide iron workers and their families with financial assistance to help them pursue higher education opportunities.

For more details about the Tony Laraby Memorial Fund, please feel free to contact
Kristelle Jeffrey at (530) 889-2979 or

Application available at
Password: scholarship